Grad REC is an intiative of Xown Solutions LImited and Pyramid Heights Technologies, it is software that is designed to manage and coordinate all relevant information of all graduates of a particular institution. This software is to address whatever anomalies that might exist in the institution current system, either it is a manual or electronics systems. It helps in data mining and database normalization. Grad REC will only have the record of those who have graduated from the particular institution that implemented it.  Every academic records and information collected by each and every graduate would be logged onto Grad REC and it will act as a centralized system to monitor academic documents each graduate has collected from the institution.

Characteristics of GRAD REC

  • Multi-Level User Management [Lecturer, Course Coordinator, HOD, Examiners, Deputy Registrar, Registrar]
  • Uploading result – [By Courses, By Departments]
  • Uploading Certificates [Students]
  • Uploading  of “To Whom It May Concern”
  • Updating Individual Result
  • Dashboard [Chart & Ratio]

GRAD REC works hand-in-the-hand with eVARCS.