eVARCS (Electronic Validation ResultsOf AndCertificates) is an initiative of Xown Solutions Limited and Pyramid Heights Technologies, it is designed to create solutions on;

  •  The lack proper records by some Nigerian institutions [Universities, Polytechnics and all other higher institution of learning.]
  • Lack of Centralized System for generating “To Whom It May Concern” while awaiting final result.
  • Lack of effective procedure at Nigerian Institution for verification of certificates and result.
  •  Incompetent officers at the institutions for the verification process.
  • Manual Verification which is prone to error. 

These solutions will address the following areas;

  • Wrong individual records
  • Presentation of fake results to employers by applicants.
  • Presentation of fake certificates and “To whom it may concern”
  • Lack of proper records by Universities, Polytechnics etc.
  •   Mismatch of records
  • Manual and cumbersome process of validation of applicants/employees’ results

Our solutions has numerous benefits to both the institutions and employers of labour;


  • Generating stream of income for the institution
  • Improved confidence in the institution
  • Data integrity
  • Easy and less tasking process of cumulating and organizing student records, certificates and results.


  • Improved turnaround time to validation results.
  • Reduction of cost of checking or validating records, certificates and results.
  • Data integrity is encouraged.
  • Improved workforce
  • Productivity is enhanced
  • Attract, retain and maintain the right workforce in the organization.
  • Reduction in Man Hour wastages.